The Only Way Left for Young Guys
to Bang Hot Cougars... Day In and
Day Out, On Command

Cougars are the easiest women to meet and turn into regular no-strings-attached sex partners. Groundbreaking, taboo busting book explains how to fill your bed with older women so fast you'll need a schedule to keep up!

Dear Friend,

If you've always wanted the ability to have a woman at your beck and call to have sex with on any given night, then this is the most important message you'll ever read.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Ken Paxlon and I have cracked the code to having a steady stream of women coming to your bed, any time you want it.

It doesn't require you to be good-looking.

It doesn't require you to be in good shape or have lots of money.

All it requires is that you be young, or at least under age 32.

I'm going to come right out and say this method is not your average guidebook on picking up girls. Most "pick up gurus" are all about going to the clubs and bringing home the hottest club queen bitch (yeah, how often has that worked out for you… or anybody!). If you're looking to bring home 9's and 10's, then let's be honest, this site isn't for you.

Instead, I'm talking to people like you who want to be able to count on consistent regular sex and are willing to lower your standards just a notch in return for having a guaranteed, horny, attractive woman in your bed every week. This isn't about getting a girlfriend, and it isn't about impressing your friends.

It's about down and dirty sex, any time you want it, with no strings attached.

If you haven't figured out from the title, I'm talking about cougarsMILF's…older women. Women who are 7 to 10 years older than you. Maybe a few years more, who knows.

Why Sleep With Cougars??

I've been playing the "pick-up" game for a long time, both at the bars and online, and I can tell you cougars are the most well-kept secret to satisfying all of your male desires.

Here's why:

  • Cougars are ten times easier to get home than their 23 year old counterparts,
  • Cougars are 500% less likely to expect you to take them on a real date.
  • As for bedroom skills, most Cougars are a hell of a lot better in the sack than your average sorority slut.

Let's look at the first point. If you've struck out trying to pick up the 20-somethings in your city, you've probably taken some harsh rejections. After all, the competition among your age group can be devastating. They guys competing against you are at their physical peak, with six-pack abs, bulging muscles, and are often a lot taller than you.

To make matters worse…while you struggle with getting cash together to buy a few drinks while you're out, a the other guys have Daddy paying their credit card bills, while they splurge on bottle service parties and pimp clothes.

The Competition Alone Makes Scoring a Hot
22-Year Old Next To Impossible!

Sure, you get laid once in a while. That's why they call it "getting lucky," right? And while you have a few moments of glory, what happens during the months in between?


Why wait around for your next college-age princess, when you could have a sexy woman in your bed within one to two weeks… that knows how to tear your sheets up and can't wait to see you again?

Guys love to talk about "milf's" and "cougars," but very rarely do men take advantage of the opportunities right in front of them every day.

But Wait… You Don't Have To Give Up Younger Women!

I would never ask you to give up the young hot women you desire. You can still game the sorority girls and law students all you want. In fact, if I have a choice between a hot 23-year old and a sexy cougar, I'll go with the younger one (unless the cougar is really good in the sack).

However, look at your calendar this week, and tell me how many girls you have lined up this week.



If you're like most guys, the answer is zero.

And think about it… how many dates do you have to go through to actually get a new sexual partner? When you think about how much money you spend on each date, and how few dates lead to sex, let alone a regular sexual arrangement, if you're like most men, you're batting close to zero. And this isn't your fault. The game is stacked against you. There's just too much competition for what's out there.

You'll get a girl your age eventually, but this website is here to help you satisfy yourself in the "in between" periods.

If you're always wanted "no-strings attached" sex, and had no idea where to get it, this manual is what you've been waiting for! There is no type of woman less likely to demand "a relationship" than cougar. They know what you want, and they know what they want.

"If you want to improve your game with older women, then the "Cougar Method" is the place to start. This step-by-step guide will boost your confidence and land you more older women than you can handle. Good luck in Cougarville." —Michael Bower, North Carolina

But Why Would A Cougar Want You?

Maybe you think a woman in her mid 30's or early 40's has these all rich guys taking them out to candle light dinners and presenting them lavish gifts at every opportunity. They'll say "You're too young for me," right?


Older women miss the days where they could kick back with young studs and have a wild time with no expectations. You become the key to helping them relive those days where they had hot sex on their minds, and little else to think about.

You may be wondering,

"Am I good looking enough?"
"Am I in good enough shape?"
"Am I sexually experienced enough?"

The good news is:

98% Of What A Cougar Wants In A Man Is
Covered Just By You Being Young!!

Let me introduce you to a concept called "brag potential."

Imagine you hook up with a girl who just happens to be a model… but she doesn't exactly look like a model. She's thirty pounds over-weight, has a so-so face, and the only place she's probably ever been photographed was a few local newspaper ads, who probably only paid her a few bucks.

What is the first thing you text your friends after you leave your bed?

"Dude, I just screwed a model."

Hey, a model's a model, right? You were telling the truth, weren't ya? It's the same thing when a cougar hooks up with a 25 year old guy. It doesn't matter what he looks like, or if he hasn't hit the gym in six months.

After Leaving Your Bed… No Matter What You Look Like… Your Cougar Will Text All Her Friends, "OMG, I Just Hooked Up With A 25-Year Old!!"

It is that simple, and that's why I built this manual to teach you all the down-and-dirty secrets of making what I just described a weekly occurrence for you.

The truth is that Cougars are hands down the best choice for casual sex… but you have to know how to do it!

You could go out on your own, and have some shot at success, but what are you going to say?

Seducing a cougar is pretty simple, but there are key things you need to say to get one to your bed that night, and other things you absolutely cannot say that will destroy your chances of going home with one. I have mapped out all the "do's" and "don'ts" so you never have any doubt on what to do next.

But if you don't like the bars, you're still in luck…

Don't Like Going To Bars...?

It's Even EASIER To Pick Up Cougars Online!

The online dating sites of today make meeting and seducing older women the easiest it's ever been since the beginning of time!

It's very simple.

Create a profile, put some pictures up, and start messaging the cougars of choice. Get on the phone, and arrange your "date."

Oh did I mention?

Your Dates Are Practically Free!

Yes, you will be spending very little when you take a cougar out. One drink tops. I've never spent more than one drink's worth on any cougar (before having sex with her. It's fine to be generous after if you want). Often you have to spend nothing at all… but you have to set the expectations right from the very beginning!

Cougars are also the easiest women to close the deal and sleep with on the first date. Ok, maybe humongously overweight chicks could be a little easier…but fat chicks will expect a relationship while cougars will not! This is a very important distinction!

Once you've begun reading The Cougar Method: How to Seduce Older Women, you'll see how straightforward and easy it is to have these women at your beck and call just for sex.

"Don't be fooled by how easy this book is to comprehend and apply. Ken boils down deeply complex principles into easy to understand concepts. He points out seemingly subtle ideas which will have a huge impact on your overall success with dating older women. From specific dialog to beneficial mindsets this book covers it all. He also addresses issues that will inevitably come up when dating older women and gives you the knowledge to be fully prepared and in some cases prevent the problem completely." —Trey Sanders, Los Angeles

Here is a breakdown of the information you're getting with this guidebook:

Basic Cougar Principles

  • The two types of bars where Cougars are most likely to show up, and the two places you must avoid at all costs! Putting you in front of the right cougars is half the battle!

  • The four outright unfair advantages you have over men her age, that will cause her to jump at the chance to spend time with you.

  • The conversational subjects older women love to talk about that are totally different than what you're used to when talking to younger women.

  • How to touch a cougar in a way that makes her wet in the panties and ready to go home with you.

  • How to deal with differences in your "pop culture" eras. Avoid the awkward feelings that come up when she talks about her favorite concert that happened when you were in diapers!

  • What to say when a woman asks "How old are you?"

  • What to answer objections like:
    "You're too young for me"
    "I'm too old for you"
    "Are you into older women? Why aren't you talking to women your age here?"

Meeting Cougars in Bars

  • The two songs to sing at a karaoke bar that are guaranteed to bring out horny cougars from the crowd right to your feet. These songs are "mating calls" for their generation and get the women who want sex from you right now to show themselves!

  • The two best "opening lines" you can use to get a cougar's attention (use the wrong opening line, and you will likely get stuck in a 40 minute conversation that goes nowhere!)

  • The REAL truth about married women, and the pro's and con's of going home with a married cougar who's on the prowl for action.

  • What to do if a cougar is out with coworkers for the night and can't get "sexy" with you in front of them!

  • How to set the vibe between you two as sexual right away and avoid the dreaded "little brother" image that almost every younger guy gets stuck with.

  • How to get the cougar's friends on your side when she's deciding whether to go home with you.

  • The quickest way to getting a woman to step outside with you and chat with you away from her friends. This has a 96% success rate (and no, you don't have to be a smoker!)

  • The only five words you need to say to invite a cougar to go home with you. (No matter what anyone else tells you, you do not need an excuse, "pretext," or "something cool at your house" to invite her to)

  • When to "cut to the chase" and blatantly tell her you want to have sex with her.

  • What do to do during the "moment of truth," when a cougar is talking with her friends about whether she should go home with you.

  • How to get a hot older woman to talk herself into going home with you, while you just smile and nod. (Sometimes you just have to shut up and she'll do all the work!)

  • How to tell when it's better to just take her number and see her another time. (Sometimes it's ten times easier to invite her over later in a couple days than pull her away from a night out with her friends!)

  • What to do once you're in The Cougar's Den! How to close the deal if you're at her place, instead of your own.

Meeting Cougars Online

  • The exact age range you should put on your profile. Screw this up, and you'll get all the wrong women messaging you, while scaring away the hot cougars who want to hook up!

  • The three sites you should absolutely avoid if you want to meet and seduce older women. (Hint: 2 of them are very popular).

  • The one and only "totally free" site that's worth looking at to meet women. All others will waste your time or flood your inbox with spam!

  • How to size up an online dating service for "cougar potential." This is how you make sure that women are attractive, easy to meet, and don't make you jump through a million hoops to actually connect with someone.

  • How to tailor your profile to be the ultimate "cougar bait." (There are special words, phrases, and descriptions that will make women eager to talk to you)
  • The new website built explicitly for women who want to date/hook up with a younger guy. (I've seen the women on this one, and they are easily the hottest older women in the online world)

  • The real truth about "sending emails," and why it's the worst way to connect with a woman online.

  • How to anonymously get your profile pictures "rated" so you know which ones girls think are hot long before you put them in your profile.

  • The number of pictures you should have in your profile, and how to make sure you choose your best ones.

  • Detailed examples of what to say to a woman over Instant Messages, emails, and phone conversations.

  • How to quickly tell if a woman you're talking to is interested in meeting or just looking for attention online (There are a LOT of women online who have boyfriends/husbands and just want to "harmlessly flirt" while their man is away for the weekend.)

  • The only tactic to get a cougar out to meet you if she's extremely shy.

  • The shocking method of turning a rejection into a sex date invitation. (When a woman says "you're too young for me," sometimes she just wants a fling)

  • How to weave sexual talk into an Instant Message conversation so she's having fun and fantasizing about meeting you in person. (99% of guys do this wrong and creep the woman out so bad she runs off immediately)

  • How to cut through all the "inactive" members who can't read your message and only talk to the women who are ready and willing to meet you!

  • How to get from messaging, to talking on the phone, to scheduling a date for the very next day… all within 2 hours!

  • The only correct way to set up a sexual intention in a message without overtly saying it.

Taking Your Cougars On a Date and Making Your Move

  • How to plan a date on the very first phone call and get her excited to come over.

  • How to "plant the seed," so the cougar is chomping at the bit to set up a date with you.

  • The EXACT WORDING of how to ask a cougar on a date. (You don't even have to use the right "tonality" for this. Just say the words, and she's coming!)

  • How to respond when a flaky cougar says she'll let you know the next day if she can come out.

  • The ultimate flake revenge where you reverse a woman's cancellation so she's dying to see you the next time you call.

  • How to make sure a cougar meets at your place every time. Don't even think about meeting her in the middle!

  • How to make sex happen up to five times faster if you have bar or coffee shop within walking distance of your house.

  • What to do if you don't have anything nearby to walk to and she's reluctant to get in your car.

  • The right way and wrong way to touch her when you meet for a date. It's the same whether you met her at a bar, or this is your first date with her from online.

  • The signal almost all guys miss that lets you know she wants to be kissed right at the beginning of the date.

  • Why spending less than $5 on a date actually makes you much more likely to get laid that night!

  • Why you're actually better off first kissing her in public on your date instead of at home (and what to do if you're shy about this).

  • When to be "all over her" and when to "give her some space." (There is a right time and wrong time for both)

  • Eight "real world" examples of how to touch her during the date so by the time she's back at your place, it's only natural that clothes start coming off.

  • The exact moment you should start heading back with her to your place… and what to say, so it works!

  • What to do if you don't think she wants to go inside your house with you. (This is so easy once you realize the only thing holding her back).

  • When to switch gears and let her go home for the night.

  • How to get a cougar in your room ASAP so you can get right to the point!

  • What to do if you get stuck on the couch with her, and she won't go to the bedroom.

  • How to handle objections like "I am not a booty call!" and "I am not a one night stand!"
    (Once you hear these words, it's certain she wants to sleep with you but just needs to know you won't judge her)

Relationship Management

  • How to juggle your new set of sex-partners and avoid jealousy and sabotage!

  • How to keep the once a week "booty call" relationship going for up to six months!

  • The four rules you absolutely must follow to keep a cougar from expecting (or demanding) a relationship.

  • How to turn things around if a cougar tries to switch gears on you and turn you into a boyfriend option.

  • How long to wait in between booty calls to prevent your cougar from getting too attached. Even one day short of this "waiting" period between sex dates could lose her within a month!

  • What to do if she wants to start having dates "outside the bedroom." (Sometimes you can do this, sometimes you can't!)

  • … And much, much more!

I know what you're thinking after reading that last set of bullets— "Those sound like good problems to have!"

And you know what? They are! But at the same time, they can get really annoying once you've gotten through that "I'm such a pimp" phase.

If having to deal with jealous lovers, and having women who want to see you every day sound like issues out of your reality, let me give you a reality check… it's very doable to have multiple cougars who are counting down the days until they can see you again. The system in this handbook is custom-built for attracting and laying cougars, and it is extremely simple to follow. It is "idiot-proof," and if you simply follow the rules, you will get laid.

You get all of this for only:



All you have to do is click the link in the order box, and after ordering, you will be directed to a download page where you can start reading right away. It's in PDF form, so you just need an Acrobat Reader, which is a free progam I'll direct you to on the download page. If you have any difficulties, you can always contact me at ken[at]

Your order is also completely discreet, as your credit card or bank statement will show a charge from "ClickBank," with no reference to the product.

How certain am I that you will fill your schedule with sexy cougars, and have to wash your sheets multiple times a week? How about this…

I'll Give You 8 Full Weeks to Test Drive The Information!

This is an Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't get 100% satisfaction on this product, I insist you return it for a full refund. I do all payment processing through ClickBank, the #1 digital products network in the world, so all you have to do is save your receipt in your email inbox and request a refund through them. You don't even have to go through me.

However, I am always looking to help students succeed, so you are more than welcome to contact me with questions on some of the concepts, and I'll do my best to write you back personally.

So are you ready to "tap" the Cougar market?

YES! I am ready to start getting laid at least once a week by sexy cougars from reading "Cougar Method: How to Seduce Older Women." I understand that this is the easiest and fastest way to get no-strings-attached sex, without having to pay for dates or spend a lot of time taking women out.

I'll also learn:

  • How to approach a cougar in a bar or nightclub, and get her to start seeing me as a potential sex partner right away.
  • How to meet hot women online who are dying to have a younger guy to play with
  • The easy A to Z method that takes me from meeting a cougar, to getting her on the phone, to having her come over for regular booty calls.

I understand that I have a full 8 weeks to test-drive this information, and if I'm not super satisfied, I can request an immediate refund and STILL apply all the information I learned to get laid regularly.

I also understand that a lot of this information will help me with women my age and younger as well, so this is an even better deal than I ever imagined.

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P.S. – If the weekend's coming up, then NOW is your best time to learn the secrets to taking a hot older woman home and making her a "regular lay." You have a full 8 weeks to try it out (which includes eight weekends if you want to hit the bars), so you have no excuse not to get going on this. Act now and download the book!

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